Penetration Testing
Dive into the dynamic world of cybersecurity with our comprehensive course, specifically designed to help you master penetration testing. As a cybersecurity professional, you bear the responsibility of understanding and countering potential threats to your organization. This course provides the tools and techniques necessary to not only comprehend your organization's vulnerabilities but also mitigate them before they're exploited.

Learn to plan, execute, and capitalize on a penetration test in a modern enterprise with our latest and greatest penetration testing tools. Experience hands-on lab exercises designed to simulate real-world attack scenarios and sharpen your skills. Apply the knowledge you gain immediately in your own organization.

Whether you're a penetration tester looking to broaden your skills, a system administrator, or a defender aiming to understand the attacker's mindset, this course is a perfect fit for you. The goal is simple - keep the real bad guys out.

Here, you'll learn to:

  • Plan and execute enterprise penetration tests
  • Perform detailed reconnaissance for informed attack decisions
  • Exploit target systems to assess real business risk
  • Use advanced password guessing techniques
  • Execute extensive post-exploitation for deeper network penetration
  • Attack commonly used Microsoft Windows domains
  • Conduct Azure reconnaissance and password spray attacks
  • Develop and deliver top-notch reports
Finish this course ready to conduct a full-scale, high-value penetration test. Apply all the tools, knowledge, and principles you've gathered throughout the course in a real-world penetration test scenario.