Cloud Forensics and Incident Response
Elevate your team's cloud forensics and incident response skills. Navigate through the storm in the cloud, utilizing data exclusive to this environment, leveraging the potential of Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud Platform to gather crucial evidence. This course opens doors to extended capabilities for analysts, providing new evidence sources that were not accessible in traditional on-premise investigations.

Being a log analysis class, it emphasizes on understanding the investigation process, ensuring you are familiar with the logs available in the cloud, their default statuses, and the significance of the events they log. This approach ensures you're prepared to trace the breadcrumbs left by attackers effectively.

Our course features numerous hands-on labs to help you swiftly master cloud-based investigation techniques. You'll learn how to locate, extract, and analyze data effectively. Further, learn to parse and filter large data sets using scalable technologies like the Elastic Stack.

Key course topics include Cloud Infrastructure and IR data sources, Microsoft 365 and Graph API Investigations, Azure, AWS, and GCP Incident Response, and Google Workspace Investigations.

Join us for tangible business benefits like understanding digital forensics as it applies to the cloud, identifying malicious activities within the cloud, using cloud-native tools for DFIR cost-effectively, ensuring adequate preparedness for cloud incidents, and reducing adversary dwell time in compromised cloud deployments.

Enroll in the Enterprise Cloud Forensics course today and be prepared to combat digital threats in the cloud era!