Malware Development
Welcome to the comprehensive Malware Development Essentials course. Designed for ethical hackers, pen testers, blue teamers, and threat hunters, this course illuminates the mechanics of offensive security tools, empowering you to craft custom droppers for any payload and bypass Windows Defender AV.

This course offers a dynamic, hands-on learning environment equipped with a virtual machine for software development and testing, and source code templates to streamline your focus on core mechanisms. Our curriculum takes you on an immersive journey into advanced code injection techniques, reflective binaries, in-memory hooking, 32- and 64-bit processing, inter-process communication, and more.

To reinforce learning, we conclude with a combined project: a custom dropper built using the skills you've learned throughout the course. As we delve deeper, we'll equip you with cutting-edge techniques to make your payload virtually undetectable, including methods for hiding your payload within the NTFS and registry hive, manipulating Process Environment Blocks, setting up global hooks, and more..

With the rise of sophisticated detection technologies, there's a greater need for understanding and developing stealthier capabilities. In response, this course provides a comprehensive guide to modern detection technologies and techniques to stay under the radar, from understanding how these technologies work to developing effective evasion strategies