Managed Detection & Response (MDR)
An MDR service provides advanced security capabilities remotely, such as threat intelligence, threat hunting, security monitoring, incident analysis, and incident response.

24/7 Monitoring
Our Managed Detection and Response service is an all-inclusive approach that uses a combination of human expertise, streamlined processes, and cutting-edge technology to consistently identify abnormal activity and quickly address cyber threats around the clock.
Log Analysis
A custom-designed solution that improves the gathering, reporting, preservation, and examination of logs.
Threat Hunting
A platform for multisource security analytics allows for the early recognition of sophisticated threats in your technology infrastructure.s
Network Analysis
Our service proactively searches for potential threats by examining alerts from your network security tools, and responds automatically.
Reduced Alert Noise
Sort through alerts from various networks and endpoints to reduce irrelevant notifications. This allows your security team to concentrate on the most pressing dangers.
Incident Response
With the help of our technology solution, our team is able to swiftly address and resolve security incidents, taking decisive action to neutralize threats.
  • Performing regular evaluations and anticipating potential vulnerabilities in the systems to prevent future breaches.
  • The integration of artificial and human intelligence to automate the cybersecurity process can lighten the workload of the IT team. This allows them to take decisions based on data to better safeguard your essential information.s
  • Rapid and expansive recognition of violations with prompt and orderly reaction. Quicker response lessens the effect and keeps the cost of harm to a minimum.
  • Compliance can be enhanced through straightforward and organized audits and reporting.
Managed Security Operation Center (SOC)
A Managed SOC service allows your internal team to focus on other tasks by taking care of the daily security operations. Our team of experts will take care of monitoring, identifying and responding to any potential threats, ensuring that your sensitive information is protected at all times.

We provide assistance in managing security use cases, ranging from basic compliance and sophisticated correlation rules to comprehensive automated response. These use cases form the basis of every SIEM and are tailored to meet the security and compliance needs of each organization.

Our managed SOC service is a comprehensive solution that offers threat hunting, contextual threat intelligence, automation, and orchestration. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing continuous, high-efficiency monitoring to ensure the security of your systems

To ensure maximum protection, our security operations center (SOC) service employs a combination of continuous monitoring and threat hunting. By utilizing a threat hunting framework, we're able to identify unknown and potential threats, as well as the actors behind them. This allows us to provide our customers with the highest level of SOC service possible.

  • Assist companies in boosting their capability to identify and tackle dangers at a significantly lower expense than creating an internal SOC squad.
  • Improve the ability to identify potential dangers and handle them swiftly.
  • Meets regulatory standards
  • A clear and comprehensive framework for security operations that includes both human processes and technological elements.
  • Experts' backing, leading to a steady enhancement of customers' security stance.
  • Framework for threat hunting that goes beyond the boundaries for maximum coverage.
  • Skilled in the areas of IT, OT, and IoT, as well as experience with both on-premises and cloud-based deployments.